June 2018

“As a father carries his son” – Det 1:30~31 & Gal 4:4~7

Pastor Keith McEntire shares with us a message about our perception of God the Father . This Father’s Day message enlightens us to the fact that we have a good good Father, and we should find hope and encouragement in His promises to us wherever we find ourselves – on the mountain tops or even […]

“The Fusion” – Ephesians 2:11 ~ 13

Pastor Keith McEntire gives a message about stigmas.  Stigmas by definition are usually considered marks of shame.  But the negative context of the word is all that there is to this word.  A stigma – devoid of any context – describes an obvious ‘mark’ or ‘identifier’.  Jesus’ sacrifice freed us from all of the things […]

December 2017

The Angels Rejoice – Luke 2:8~15

Jonathan Moran is a Clinical Pastor from Kenmore Mercy Hospital and shares with us a message about rejoicing during the Advent Season.

August 2016

GMFC Welcomes… Dennis Leon – Costa Rica Mission

Gowanda Free Methodist welcomes pastor Dennis Leon – Free Methodist Missionary in Costa Rica. Dennis shares his testimony and details of the great work that God is doing in Costa Rica. Scripture: 1 John 7~12

July 2016

An Encounter At GFMC Changed Everything

Middle School Principal Dave Smith shares hie story alongside Pastor Tim on how an encounter at GFMC changed everything for him. To God be the glory!

June 2016

An honest conversation about the state of the Church

In a no-holding-back message, Pastor Tim brings a powerful word from the Lord about how we are at a critical point as a church, and the decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow.     DUE TO AN AV ISSUE, the message was only recorded on Tim’s personal FB page, which you can watch […]

January 2016

Pastor Jon’s Story

December 2015

The Healing Journey

November 2015

The Salvation Story

Pastor Jeff’s Farewell Message

Pastor Jeff returns from his sabbatical to share where he is at and what the future holds for GFMC.